Sunday, June 25, 2017

Waste not . . .

The streets of Cairo are strewn with garbage, something that doesn't figure in tourist brochures.    A still developing country, it might seem that Egypt shouldn't have enough left over to discard.   Perhaps the brochure photographs make use of the same apps that can be used to remove the other tourists from your scenic shots to remove the detritus.   Similarly, selfie seekers need to be avoid certain angles where the heaps of garbage detract from the historic splendour of the Taj Mahal. 

Times of India

Partly, it is just habit.   In some neighbourhoods litter is rarely seen, despite the presence of public litter boxes.   Tossing trash can be contagious;  once there is one item, more easily follow.   A former mayor of New York worked wonders by dealing with matters like litter, graffiti and broken windows under the belief, proven correct, that reduction in crime is a by-product.   We take our weekly garbage pick up for granted, but where does our garbage go?

This article in The Guardian describes a convenience culture.   Food packaging is a major source of waste, much of it plastic based and not bio-degradable.   Even poisonous.   It might be a radical suggestion, but what about unwrapping the excess packaging and leaving at the checkout is mentioned in the article.

Think about starting small.   This blogger, at Going Zero Waste has a plethora of ideas.   Surely one will be easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.   Start small.

It is also important not to get discouraged about the world; that makes it easy to give up and just toss that wrapper on the ground.   Have a look at Professor Pinkers' article in Guardian and statistics here.  Things are getting better;  the least we can do is pick up the trash.


  1. This is a hard one for me. I do use plastic, but I'm trying to cut down. For example, on the one hand we buy cheese that's wrapped in plastic. On the other hand we buy milk in returnable glass bottles.
    I guess you can say when it comes to plastic, our household is a work in progress.

  2. I didn't get into the health aspects of using plastic to store food which others have written of. Regarding litter, it can be easy to be critical of developing countries which lack the options we have.

    Thanks for your comment.