Sunday, June 11, 2017

Keeping Track of Characters

This morning I picked up an ordered book from our local library, my favourite place to find books to read (but don't let that stop you from purchasing mine!).  It might have been a donation because on the inside cover someone had written the characters names with their occupation next to it.   At first I thought, 'what a shame to disfigure a book' but when I started to read I found occasion to check back as to the significance of a name.  I was aware of the name of the main character as it had been given and explained on the back cover as a Victorian gentleman and armchair explorer, but there was no mention of the other character in the opening scene.    I felt a little guilty as if I was validating the desecration but suspected I might have need of the information further on.   I've written before about the occasional difficulty in keeping track of a multitude of characters and that wasn't even about War and Peace.    

I will give the name of the book:  A Beautiful Blue Death by Charles Finch.   I found this title when reading an on-line blog.   I've formed the habit of immediately going to my library account and ordering a book that strikes me as something I would enjoy whenever I come across an on-line recommendation.

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