Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Future of Automation

Some newsmagazines and blogs delight in publishing attention getting headlines.   Actually, that's probably the goal.   So this article in the Huffington Post, citing The Economist, warns us that by 2034 forty-seven percent of all jobs will be automated.   I get a kick out of predictions with this degree of precision.   I mean, why not write half of all jobs which sounds more of an approximation compared to the implied precision of 47%.

2034 doesn't seem so far away now that it is 2017.   Most of us plan to still be alive on that date, especially with extending life expectancies.   Maybe some of us will be retired and reassure ourselves that we don't plan on having a job anyway as we will be, at long last, retired.   Maybe others are part of the Early Retirement movement that is saving and investing prodigiously to reach whatever amount will be sufficient at the prescribed four percent withdrawal rate to allow retirement at forty.  But then there are our children and grandchildren.   Will they all have to move into our basement?   

We sometimes think the automatons will look somewhat humanoid but the robots who work in Japanese car factories don't seem to mind their lack of charm.

This article by expat Karen McCann describes an automated restaurant with no employees.  Eatsa, in New York and San Francisco, seeks to fill a gap for good but less expensive meals in notoriously high priced cities.    The picture attached looks like a larger version of the automats seen in airports and railroad stations that hold a sandwich or muffin.   The difference here is that instead of pressing buttons on the automat, you enter your order on a mounted iPad.   Not really much difference.   Your order may or may not be prepared fresh and there may even be human hands behind the scene facilitating matters but you will never know.    No banter about the weather, you hardly have to take your eyes off your phone.

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