Sunday, April 9, 2017

Where We End Up


It was commented more than once that many known people died in 2016.   Every week brought news of the death of another well known celebrity.    I could name the ones I recall but you likely know most of them and then some.   Some had lived a very long life, some merely a good long life and others seemed to have gone too soon.   Perhaps we consider the average lifespan in North America and use that as a watershed.    Exact numbers vary but seem to be between 82 and 86, and have steadily increased over the years.   Check some statistics here.

     When relating some family health history to a physician including a paternal grandmother who died of a stroke at age 87 the comment was made that you have to die of something once you get to that age.  Or words to that effect.  Death and dying are difficult topics.

     I feel very sad when young children die.   They never had a chance to live their lives.   After I feel sad, I inevitably feel mad.   Could this have been prevented?    It certainly should have been.  Childhood cancer is an especially terrible disease.   My daughter's friend recently lost a seven year old nephew to cancer.   How can that happen?    What could that child possibly have done, in  health and lifestyle to bring on that fate?

     My post-secondary education has not been in the sciences or healthcare so I have a layperson's knowledge in these areas.    I have read that cancer is a complicated disease, that it is not just one disease, that we all have the potential for it in our bodies . . .    Some people are living longer, being cured we're told.   That doesn't help the ones left behind to feel better.

    I know oceans of money have been poured into research.   If money was the cure it should have happened by now.    My instinct would be to look for a cause.   Are there places in the world where no one gets cancer?   Were there times in history when the disease was unknown?    Do tribes in the Amazon without human contact and no use of modern inventions or products spare themselves this illness?   

     There is a lot of false information and rumours about various treatments and cures.   It's an industry and a lot of money is being made providing false hope.     Rich or poor, we all feel helpless in the face of illness and disease and the inevitability of death.   

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