Sunday, October 9, 2016


Some people set lofty goals for themselves.   Others indulge in unrealistic expectations as in  if you want something enough, the universe will provide it.  To achieve the pinnacle of success in sports and be a professional hockey player is a dream shared by early rising hockey parents and hopefully their offspring as well.  What about producing a top selling song that is covered by big name artists and an appearance on the Grammy's to graciously accept an award.   You've prepared your acceptance speech already.  For authors, some long to see their book turned into a movie to critical acclaim (and their financial betterment).

Those who have neither the talent nor the drive, must resign themselves to not attaining their goals.   Perhaps youthful optimism gave way to adult realism.   Some go through life bitterly blaming parents who couldn't afford the time or money to continue sports lessons or a coach who didn't recognize their obvious talent.   They should have been great.

For those few whose stars align and the top of the ladder is attained, I wonder if they enjoy and revel in their achievement and success.   I am surprised when I read of musicians who suffer from depression or actors who become addicted to drugs or  alcohol or athletes who stop trying and quickly lose their competitive edge.Their family life is problematic, they divorce over and over and have conflicts with their children.   They don't speak to their parents for twenty years.  They're not happy.    Having achieved what so many long for, dream of, has not brought them lives of ecstatic happiness.

To paraphrase an old Spanish proverb:   The worst that can happen is that your dreams will come true.

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