Sunday, October 16, 2016

Blogs, blogs, blogs

I like blogs.   They are the new version of full-of-ads magazines which I used to buy in my younger days.   After awhile I realized there were more ads than copy and that the copy was sometimes suspiciously like the ads.   Even the articles in women's fashion and beauty type of magazines on how to achieve a natural look didn't involve not wearing make-up but rather buying a new supply of supposedly more natural looking make-up.   And look!   There's a handy ad facing the article for just such a product.   To think I paid to be an advertising victim.

Lest you think me narcissistic, let me haste to say that especially as I grew older I read other magazines besides Glamour and Cosmopolitan.   (Especially as I came to feel less attractive, less desirable, less sexy . . . after spending a couple of hours with one of these magazines.  A problem that could be solved  by following their advice slavishly!)  I read New Yorker,  The Economist, MacLeans, Time Magazines . . . you get the idea.   These days these former print magazines all have on-line versions.   Some try to encourage you to subscribe for a 99 cent trial run with the hope you will pay for a few extra lines or articles.   I guess some people do.

These on-line versions have on-line ads but they don't seem as focussed.   On different pages of the on-line version of  The New York Times I observed ads for casinos, encouraging me to use a realtor as opposed to D.I.Y., information about development plans at the local airport.   

Blogs are better I find.  There are ads as well;  usually useless ads for how to lose belly fat, trivia about a move star  or encouraging me to click through to Amazon.   There are blogs for everything and anyone.   If you have a lot of time at your disposal you can go down the rabbit hole for a long time as many blogs contain links to other blogs or interesting related articles.    I feel I meet interesting individuals on blogs but if I don't care so much for them personally it can be sufficient if their information has some value to me.   I don't have endure time in their company and I don't have to feel I am using them for their knowledge.   

It's a win-win!

(To let you know, If Llamas could Talk . . . is available free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers for the next few months.)

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