Sunday, October 2, 2016

Bath or Shower?

I recently read an interesting piece by Jessi Klein in the New Yorker magazine (May 2016) entitled The Bath:  A Polemic.   (I suppose it is embarrassing to admit I looked up the word polemic.   I had a general idea, but I wanted to know specifically.  Google was pleased to advise:

  A strong verbal or written attack on someone or something.   
Synonyms:   diatribe, invective rant, tirade . . .

  1. The two page article engendered two responses which I value when I read: It made me think and it made me laugh.     She postulated that women like baths, love baths and need them as an escape from the stresses of life. A place to be alone, a room of her own.   Men, almost universally, prefer showers.

    The writer (and myself) placed herself in the small minority of women who don't care for baths.   She goes as far as to describe them as vaguely miserable.   She feels "as if I were stewing up the world's saddest soup out of myself."   See . . . funny!

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