Sunday, May 1, 2016

Movie Deja vu



    A movie watched, or a book read in a particular location, can forever  remain associated with that location.    I haven't found this to apply when the location is  home, work or business but only with a vacation destination.  It also works only for the first viewing;  repeats don't seem to count.

     I can clearly recall watching the movie, Chocolat, with   Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp  in San Juan, Costa Rica.     For me, the city wasn't particularly attractive;  perhaps it has changed in the past ten years.   We were staying in a two star hotel that was frankly a bit of a disappointment, on the first day of a GAP tour.  The walls were painted a disappointing green and the television was an antique vintage.

     But the film, set in a French village, was charming and evocative and along with three members of my family we were starting a vacation together.   Now whenever I come across the film on a cable network, I have a momentary reverie.   It's a little like an almost forgotten scent or fragrance that  recalls someone or something you thought you had forgotten.  I suppose the title doesn't hurt, either.

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