Sunday, May 15, 2016

AH, MOVING . . .


Surrounded by boxes I ponder my fate,
Did I really want to leave or should I wait?
The constant decisions; to keep or to toss,
Either way, it feels like a loss.

New adventures await me
My life will be free
So much to arrange

It all feels so strange.

After decades as resident, I’m leaving my home
No explanations needed, there’s nothing to condone
I’m more than mere possessions that flash,

The things gathered ‘round  me are more than just trash.

Onwards or upwards or some inspiring verse
Keeps my heart from despair and my lips from a curse.
New horizons prevent getting old,

At least that's what I’ve been told.

This complicated life makes me long for a tent
To pick up and go and never pay rent
No one to notify, no one to tell
Do I really want the bills to follow me as well?

This empty house is only a space
That now seems to barely show a trace
Of the time that was spent with those I hold dear
The memories will accompany me, of that I have no fear.

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