Sunday, April 24, 2016

At least I can say I tried . . .

From a Prompt from my writing group:
(We are given the prompt (the title) and fifteen minutes to write before sharing or not)



     "At least I can say I tried," he said in a melancholy tone that somehow managed to irritate me.

       "Yoda said - Do or do not, there is no try,'" I replied.   But I said it under my breath and it went went unnoticed.   Those who seek affirmation do not hear negative responses.

       The devil in me  continued  in a non-committal tone, "Tell me what you have tried.   How did it turn out?"  I strived to sound conversational.


     I repeated my query knowing I had strayed from the conversational expectation.  I was aware my dinner partner's efforts had been half-hearted and the 'try' had been mostly wishful thinking.  Would he suspect I was on to him?   I adjusted my expression to reflect what I thought would appear to be genuine interest.  Would he squirm out of this one? 

     "It's too painful to discuss," he replied and made a weary gesture meant to be infused with all the angst and suffering that was supposed to substitute for actually having done something difficult.

       Oh, the usual conversation stopper employed by such people.  I felt justified in returning to my cooling meal.

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