Sunday, March 20, 2016


From a Prompt from my Writing Group:


  When I was very young, maybe four or five years old, I played Hide and Seek with the neighbourhood children.  Somehow I believed that if I covered my eyes so that I could see no one, then I would also be invisible.

     It didn't work.

     A few years later, I used to pretend that there was a plausible reason I hadn't done my homework.

     It rarely worked.

     As a young married couple, we used to pretend we had won a lottery and we whiled away many pleasant hours in contemplation of our magically transformed life.

     It didn't work.  We never won.

     When girls are young they pretend they are older, at at least legal drinking age.   As we age, we let little half truths or evasions slip to acquaintances about our age and search their faces to see if we are believed.

     It rarely works.

      Our persistence in unsuccessful endeavors must mean we haven't learned to drop the pretence and face reality.   But who wants to do that?

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