Sunday, February 7, 2016



From a prompt from my Writing Group:

      Edna knew she are getting old when she realized she could remember when corn on the cob was sold for 10 for $1.  She could have involved herself in some picayune calculations as to whether her income had increased in an amount proportionate to the rise in the price of corn to 75 cents each.  But she didn't.  Her working life was behind her.

     Then there was the time last week she needed a cup of corn for a recipe and only had a couple of cobs.   That would work, Edna decided.   With her sharpest knife she carefully hulled around the cob.   What a sad little heap of milky broken bits she was left with.   That had been $1.50 cents!  Her indignation rose.

     She muttered her complaints to her daughter who thought to comfort her:  "You could always turn the cob into a doll, Mom.   Didn't they do that when you were young?"

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