Sunday, February 28, 2016

A little 'bee' humour


I'm pleased when articles emphasizing the importance of bees and the dangers to our way of life if they are not protected are published.  This is one of my 'causes' and  I wrote WHEN BEES DIE for this reason.  Practical information doesn't hurt either:

You can become part of the growing movement to protect pollinators. Head to the library (or check out to research the amazing diversity of wild bees and other pollinators in your community. While you're there, learn what flowers and shrubs best support those species, and what might work in your yard or on your balcony. Then check out what local groups are up to. 
Want to show wild bees some love? Create a sanctuary in your yard or garden by leaving a sunny patch of bare soil for ground-nesters. Add some pithy stems, sticks and wood debris for cavity-nesters. And be sure not to disturb the nests over winter. 
Will the buzz generated by media stories and pun-filled campaigns save the bees? 

Check out the entire article here.

For a more serious take, this article in The Guardian got my attention.

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