Sunday, January 24, 2016




     We are sometimes advised to move beyond our comfort zone, whether in love, employment or travel.  Indeed, to fail to do so on a regular basis can be lead to one being castigated as weak or cowardly.  We must stretch ourselves!

     Doing something different or taking a chance sounds like the right thing to do.  How boring, after all, to continue on the same cozy track.  Adventure awaits if we would be step up to the plate -- now there's another homily often quoted.

     I suppose it is a question of degree.   Standing on the precipice of a bridge with a rope tied around your ankles and some hurried advice about bungee jumping may be a step too far.  Some of the hikers rescued off the North Shore mountains recently may have been heeding the same well meaning advice about stepping out of their comfort zone.

     As the hikers shivered through a chilly night enduring an empty stomach, they may have pondered on a comfort zone that would be greatly preferred:  A comfortable armchair in front of the fire with a warm dog on their lap, a cup of coffee at their side table and their favourite mystery program on the television.

     Are most of us are looking for something a bit in the middle of these two choices?

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