Monday, December 21, 2015



I was interested to read some statistics regarding holiday shopping, specifically as it pertains to shopping on one of  Amazon's websites.   It seems on-line purchasing is ever increasing, almost rivalling in store purchases.   Merchants and malls invest considerably in holiday decor, in store carollers, special promotions but it hasn't stopped the rate of defections.   Some reasons that are suggested:

1.   The crowds that are avoided

2.   The ability to comparison check and look at product ratings and evaluations

3.  Variety.   It isn't the stores' fault but they simply cannot stock 5000 varieties of socks or dog toys

4.   Fewer impulse purchases - not necessarily

5.   No paying for parking or a restaurant lunch

6.   No risk of being robbed of any items you leave in your car in the mall parking lot.

7.   Better prices?   I'm not sure about this one.

Some articles and bloggers suggest making your presents but that would still require obtaining the raw materials.   Are fabric and hobby shops busy at this time of year?

Miss Minimalist suggests a 'One Less Gift' certificate.   If your family and friends concur that would 
enable you to skip the shopping and spend more time on . . . .   You decide!

               To all of you:    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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