Monday, December 14, 2015

Bees are Important!

This article  and also this one at least show that the issues of declining bee populations is still one we should care about.

Here's a passage from When Bees Die:


“Are you expecting anyone?”   Kas went over to the door of their apartment and spoke through the door.   “Who is it?”

“Kas, it’s me, Sarah.   Can I come in?  Please?   They’re looking for me.”

Kas opened the door to his sister.    Her dirty, tear-streaked face contorted into sobs as she flung herself onto him.

“What’s up, what happened, Sarah?   How’d your clothes get so dirty?”

“Hey, you want a drink, Sarah?”   Coral got up and took down a glass from their cupboard and filled it from their small filtered water supply container sitting on the counter.

“The guards . . . they came for me . . . at school.   I was so scared, Kas, I just ran.”

“When?   Who?   You mean the pollinator guards?”

Sarah nodded, slowly, taking a long drink of the offered water.   “Mrs. Marsh—that’s my teacher—she had talked to Mom and Dad about it a few weeks ago.”   She looked down at the floor.   “I haven’t been doing very well on the tests, I think.”

“Why didn’t someone tell me?  Damn it all, I’m always the last to know anything that’s happening at home.”   Kas began pacing again.  

“Why don’t you sit down, Sarah.   Kas, simmer down! Don’t go and do anything drastic.”   What were they going to do though?

Kast stopped pacing and stood for a moment looking at the two girls huddled at the small kitchen table.   Coral had passed a handkerchief to Sarah and the girl was wiping her nose and eyes with it.  Kas took a deep breath.

“So, what happened, Sarah?   Better fill me in on what I’ve been missing.” 

“You mean from when Mrs. Marsh talked to Mom and Dad?”

“Okay, were you there?”

“Yes . . . well, most of the time.    Mrs. Marsh said I wasn’t passing the math tests.   I didn’t know my number facts.   You know that’s adding and subtracting and times tables and stuff like that.   I just can’t remember.  I’ve tried but if I don’t use my fingers I just can’t figure out what 7 plus 5 is or anything like that.”  Silent tears were creeping down the corner of Sarah’s eyes.

“It’s okay, Sarah, don’t cry,” Coral said.     

 “But you do the tests at your carrel, on the computer, right?  Nobody sees if you use your fingers.”

 “But there’s only five seconds for each question.   I get behind and I can never catch up.  I’m just not good at math.  I stink at it.  Not like you, Kas.”

“Okay, never mind.   So what did mom and dad say?”

“Just keep practicing.   Mrs. Marsh gave them some flash cards.   I was supposed to practice them an hour a day but . . . but, well, I didn’t.    I guess I never thought anything would happen.”

“Something happened today then?”

“I went to the washroom to get a drink.  It’s so hot in the school.  While I was refilling my water bottle, my friend, Yvonne, came in and told me that there were guards back in class waiting to pick me up.   I knew I was going to be sent to the pollination fields, I just knew it.   Kas, I was so scared, I just ran.    I hid out at the playground, you know the one over on Norland Street?   I’ve noticed that the tracker doesn’t seem to work well there so I thought I might be safe.  At least just for a while.”  Sarah paused for breath and took another drink.

“Doesn’t work there?   Are you sure?”

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