Monday, November 9, 2015

You get what you pay for?

I've written before about not being a fan of free books (except for the library, of course).   Some/many writers disagree with me.   Those who find it is successful in increasing sales/adding readers say it works best when the first book in a series is free.   Kind of like the first shoe in a pair is free.  (I'm joking!)  Writers are sincere in their belief that it is unfair to ask readers to take a chance on an unknown (to them) writer.   Free takes away the fear.

With the new (as of this summer) subscription system at Amazon, writers sign up to have their e-books exclusively published on Amazon.   Paperback or hardcover books can be published/distributed widely.  Books in the Kindle Unlimited library (KU) can be borrowed by subscribers and authors are paid a varying amount based upon pages read.   I believe the present renumeration is $.0053 per page. 

On this blog  author Andrew Updegrove gives a lot of detail (probably more than most readers care to wade through) about the results he obtained with a recent free promotion where he made his books free for a period of time, presumably the maximum of 5 days.   The goal was to obtain follow up sales and some book reviews, hopefully favourable, or at least not lose money on the venture.   Judge for yourself if he was successful.

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