Monday, November 30, 2015

Who's in charge?


Jerry Seinfeld joked that if aliens came to earth and saw people walking dogs, they would assume the dogs are the leaders. The dog walks out front, and a gangly creature trailing behind him picks up his feces and carries it for him.  I do wonder what my dogs think when I diligently remove their detritus from the neighbours' front lawns.   

I believe cats consider that the dead bird or mouse they place on the doorstep is their token of appreciation, their gift of thanks, to their owner.   Maybe a dog thinks it is giving a present.   Must work for them as long as they don't notice the bag being deposited in the nearest waste container.   Of course, they probably don't acknowledge it as a garbage can.   
I remember reading a suggestion that an alien race looking down on earth might think that it is populated by vehicles that periodically disgorges some of its contents.  Is that more likely?

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