Monday, November 16, 2015


A Spork

I've heard about travelling lightly and I'm a big proponent of carry-on only travel, even before airlines starting charging exhorbitant amounts to check a suitcase.   But I haven't considered living in the same way.   Leo Babauta who writes on Zen Habits is trying this out as a lifestyle change.   It seems he travelled for almost a month with one modest sized back pack and enjoyed the benefits so much he is going to try it at home.  As a life style counsellor of sorts he may feel he should test out things before recommending them.   I have always enjoyed reading Zen Habits so I never dismiss Mr. Babauta out of hand.  

One bag living  would mean a minimum amount of clothes, hand washed daily, one set of eating supplies, and  stringent limits on anything else that smooths daily life.   It is true that those folks who have an iPhone or equivalent Smart phone encompassing a computer, camera, telephone and GPS in one, not to mention Apps for just about anything you might imagine, manage to limit their technological baggage considerably.

Now that I am planning, and definitely not anticipating, moving house in 2016 I can't help but regard with  a mixture of scorn and regret all the things I have accumulated.   I was grateful to read that Mr. Babauta does allow himself--and his family--the luxury of furniture.   Too bad, that is the most difficult and expensive to move.   Denying himself a second spoon or fork means he would have to get up to wash off said spoon if a meal included both soup and ice cream.   But Leo is a vegan so ice cream wouldn't be on his menu anyway.  But I have a suggestion Leo may not have considered:   A spork!

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