Monday, October 12, 2015


From a prompt at my Writers' Group:

Remembering can be a lovely, warm, cozy pastime, even when it is a solitary one.  You sit in an easy chair, mug of tea or coffee close  at hand, and let your mind wander back to some half-forgotten event or unexpected pleasure.   The sun always seemed to be shining and in your mind's eye, any images of yourself had you at your most radiant and slender.

With a close friend or relative, with whom you are on amiable terms. time spent in mutual reminiscences can be equally pleasurable.    You usually recall events slightly differently and then there are the delicious tidbits of gossip which can be enjoyed without guilt since the event is by now long past.

Less pleasant are the remembrances that are tinged with regret or recriminations.   You recall when a lover, now a spouse, forgot to bring you flowers for an important relationship milestone or when an adoring child, now a mostly absent adult, declared that you were the bestest mom in the world.  Some  other memories can still bring waves of grief that leave you shaking.

Perhaps it is advisable to cultivate those memories that bring you joy and as for the rest, pack them away with the now too small dresses  and company dishes that need to be hand washed before and after each use.  Focus on the memories, not the regrets.

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