Monday, September 21, 2015

Si, blings

From a Writers' Group prompt:   Siblings

"Si, blings, that is what it called.  Very nice."

 The wizened vendor at the small street stall was quick to assure me.  I was on vacation in Mexico staying in a small seaside town on the Pacific Coast.  There was a weekly market at the Zocalo, as the centre town square was called.  I always found myself pulled towards the small, down the side street, stalls, thinking they would contain more authentic wares.  On the small wooden table a tray of large silver and turquoise jewellery pieces had caught my eye.   Some were a trifle on the gaudy side, complete with an edging of shiny stones.

"A bit over the top," I muttered under my breath.  "Maybe if it was made into a ring."

The elderly man, with his English as sparse as my Spanish, smiled encouragingly.  "Si, they are for blings, you know for fancy, for blings."

I had to laugh and then I felt obliged to purchase one of his pieces.   They weren't very expensive.   Anyway, you can always use a little bling in your life.

(This piece came about when I was stumped as to the topic 'siblings' for a 15 minute impromptu write.  I felt a little sheepish as I read it out, but it made us laugh.)

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