Thursday, September 3, 2015

Finding books to read


Once upon a time, finding books to read was limited to the offering of the local library or small neighbourhood bookstore.   Now, there are more books available than ever.   Amazon alone has about 8 million on offer, including e-books.   Bookstores are diminished in number but expanded in size, even if they do now include in their merchandise coffee, toys and towels.  I really have no excuse.

But somehow my efforts are thwarted and I feel doomed to disappointment.   (Okay, that's a little over the top).   But I would hesitate to spend $20 or $30 on a book for fear the money would be wasted on me.   I suspect it may be that I am too choosy.   Nothing too violent or too sexual and no being mean to animals!    My method of finding books may be suspect.   Perhaps I am 'spoiled for choice'.  (i.e., there are just too many so choice becomes almost impossible)   It just seems that lately I bring home books or purchase e-books that I don't complete.   Is this happening to you?

Partly, as a writer myself, it may be that I am too critical.   I read with a writer's eye, not a reader's.
Perhaps, we are all too busy now and expect a book to engage us within a few chapters.   On the other hand, I am impatient with the plot of device of a major accident or crisis on the first page.   Too obvious.

But, I keep trying.   The rewards of finding a book that is engrossing, memorable and engaging is a sufficient pleasure that I continue the hunt.

(I've decided to start up my blog again after a long hiatus.  Maybe just once a week, instead of two times a week.  But there are a lot of back posts!)

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