Saturday, November 15, 2014


From a prompt from my Writers' Group:


People say you should stand up for what you believe in.   I like that sentiment.  It sounds virtuous . . . noble even.  Your actions can move mountains or at least persuade powerful people.   You hope.  History is replete with examples of those who stood up and loudly proclaimed their principles.  It didn't always end with praise and tribute.   Galileo comes to mind; his view of the solar system was unacceptable and somehow a threat to the establishment.

We don't  imprison people  for their beliefs and opinions in this country with a few exceptions such as if you are deemed to be trying to incite others to share your belief and accompanying hatred.  Instead, a person can suffer economically and be marginalized but our social safety net should keep them from destitution.

There exists something called slap suits.  Large corporations with money to burn, start civil suits against private individuals who have protested publicly and legally against their plans or actions.   That the civil action has no chance of success is irrelevant.   Its purpose is to intimidate the legally unsophisticated person  and cause sufficient concern about the ensuing costs that protests and complaints will cease.   

 An opinion can be an expensive possession.

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