Friday, November 7, 2014

Not my circus, not my monkeys


I have written before about idioms--those little sayings that somehow arise from nowhere and enter our lexicon for a short or long period of time.   They confound English Language Learners as the literal meaning has nothing to do with the message they are, by shorthand, conveying.   Some are more obtuse than others.

And now to the title of this post regarding a new idiom which has entered popular usage, at least among some.  The person quoting it was talking about some drama happening at the restaurant where she works part time.  It appears that she has learned at a young age not to take on the burdens of others and not to get involved with conflicts that don't involve her and that she can't solve.   It may well be that the antagonists don't really want the problem solve but, as it often the case, revel in the excitement.

There's a good lesson and I have already quoted it to myself on more than one occasion.  Besides, I like the sound of it.

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