Wednesday, November 12, 2014


From a prompt from my Writers' Group:

These days everything has to be spectacular, even grandiose, to be noticed, Amy thought, as she found her way around the round table to the ivory place card with her name on it.   Weddings like these used to be for celebrities but now anyone with a sufficient outlay of  funds could spend their day like a celebrity or even royalty.

Eighty thousand dollars would not be an outlandish estimate for this celebration, she decided, which was hosted by her sister and  husband for their only daughter, her niece.  No detail was omitted:  the exquisite centrepieces on each table, the crystal champagne flutes, the silver ice bucket at each table with a bottle of Dom Perignon nestled in the depths.   For the toast to the happy couple, Amy assumed.

The wedding was the pinnacle of months of planning and celebrations which Amy, living several provinces away, had missed.  The engagement party, the bridal showers, the rehearsal dinner, the bachelorette getaway to Las Vegas.   As a favourite aunt, Amy had been invited to them all.

When it came to consideration of a suitable wedding gift, Amy decided that a simple gesture in the form of a large cheque might be welcome when the bills started to arrive.

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