Wednesday, September 17, 2014

When I was ten

From a prompt from my Writers' Group.

When I was ten I think I was an annoying child.  Ten is such an awkward age.   Too old to get away with temper tantrums, whining or other behaviour now deemed childish.  I was expected to know how to share, to let grownups go first, to remember my manners--the list went on.  I was old enough to recognize the look of disapproval or disappointment when I didn't quite measure up to maternal or paternal expectations.

But while I was too old to be a little kid and get away with very much, I was too young for many of the activities I longed to partake of.  I was too young to watch scary movies, I was too young to stay up until midnight on New Years Eve and I was definitely, in my mother's opinion, too young to go to the pre-teen dance at the local community centre.

I'm trying to remember if things improved when I turned eleven -- but I don't think so.

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