Saturday, September 13, 2014

Now, where did I put . . .


I used to misplace my keys from time to time.  This never occurred at a convenient time; inevitably, I would be leaving for work and perhaps running late when the crisis would strike.  Everyone would have to get up and start the hunt for Mom's keys.  Yesterday's coat, the downstairs bathroom, the dogs' leash basket;  all were fair game.  Everyone, including myself, became heartily tired of  this exercise.

Perhaps there was a serious consequence at some point --   a missed interview or airplane flight.  I've been merciful and allowed myself to forget.   But at some point I decided that henceforth my keys would be placed in my purse immediately I entered the house no matter what domestic chaos presented itself at my entry or how laden down with groceries.    No excuses or else!   Somehow it has worked.

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