Wednesday, September 10, 2014



I can be moderately extravagant about some things (did someone mention travel?).   Somehow, it's worth it to me.   I suspect most of us have at least one weakness, something that brings us happiness, makes life worthwhile, helps us carry on . . . no, that would be love.   But there are those items, that you can buy with money. that make it easy for us to bring out our wallets.   It would be important to ensure there isn't more than one, or maybe two of these indulgences, wreaking havoc with our budgets.

Does anyone still buy magazines?   It used to be the practice of young women to buy these colourful missives of either fashion or home décor,  cut out those photographs that were most appealing and paste them in scrapbooks for future reference for an upcoming life in their own household.   I don't know if it was always the case but I understand now that even the editorial articles and photographic spreads are funded by the advertisers although always designed to appear objective.  Articles on the no make-up look never involved not using make-up; rather buying and using new products that promised the no make-up look.

Knowing my general proclivity for reading, a few magazines from a dentist's office were passed on to me.   A two page spread on what was termed footstool poufs caught my eye; seventeen in all of striking colour and size variation.   The prices were noteworthy.   For an item made of a modest amount of fabric and polyfill the prices ranged from $199. to $1474.   Even with my modest sewing talents I felt I could duplicate most of them for under $30.  I, too, could have 'a fun hit of pattern and colour.'

Now let me think about what to spend the difference on . . .

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