Saturday, July 19, 2014

Staying Safe


I eat organic food . . . sometimes . . .  delivered once a week by a local company.   It's expensive, even very expensive;   as much as four times more than the non-organic product.    Farming is exhausting work,  of that I have no doubt,  and I feel good about supporting small local farmers.   I don't mind paying a bit more for it but the difference can be considerable.   Now that food prices have been rising in recent months, I've been re-visiting and re-thinking my food decisions.

But, it's not enough to worry about the food you eat.   There's also the packaging that it comes in that may have potential health hazards as expounded in this article in the on-line magazine, Mother Jones.  The magazine has been around for quite a while;   I recall it being an alternate even hippie journal but I'm sure like all of us it has grown up and matured.   I suppose I should appreciate that it has given me something else to ponder.

I don't like the idea of pesticides being sprayed on my food.   We're all organic beings made of cells and organs.   Something that can kill a beetle can't be good for me even if the quantities are small; the effects must be cumulative.   Or so I tell myself as I pay organic prices.   I'm vegetarian now, but I also want the animal products, like milk and eggs, that I still consume,  to come from producers that treat their animals humanely.   My dogs expect that I respect all life  even though they haven't enunciated it very clearly.  I agree.

There's a plethora of advice about what to eat and many books and articles offer advice to the puzzled.   I admire gardeners with vast successful rows.   I have memories of nurturing a solitary eggplant for weeks, admiring its glossy polish before discovering a slug had made entry and feasted from the inside out.   The price I pay the farmer is not too much for his or her more successful  stewardship but I wonder if the proverbial middleman is taking more than his share.

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