Saturday, June 28, 2014



I've been feeling the urge to travel lately.    As a teacher, I've always been tied into school vacations but I won't complain about that because they are definitely generous.   So with summer rapidly approaching, my internal clock has been leading me to scan websites, talk travel with others and take mental trips down memory lane of previous excursions.

But I must be realistic:   travel takes energy and good health.   I've not just talking about trekking trips to Nepal or white water rafting in Costa Rica--those days are definitely gone.   No, I'm thinking about vacations to Europe; cultural trips to historic sites, museums and galleries complete with crowds and traffic and high European prices.   I have been to many, I confess, but somehow there are still so many left.   Their names taunt me:   Pompeii, Morocco, Dubrovnik, Turkey.   How have I missed all those places?   I berate myself at the places that I've made second or third visits to:  Paris, London, Copenhagen.  I promise myself:   No more do overs!

European vacations always seem to involve miles of walking.   I've read  that  if you spent one minute looking at each piece of art displayed in this iconic gallery, it would take you almost twenty-five full days to see all the collections.  Since the Louvre rotates its collection because it has some 380,000 art pieces, visitors will not need to spend 283 days there.   Just think of the admission fees, never mind the expenditure in shoe leather.   Just the time it takes to find Mona. It's a little like training for a marathon.

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