Saturday, May 24, 2014

Just Show Up


Just show up.   That's the advice of Joshua Becker at his blog, Becoming Minimalist.  That was the advice I gave to an apprehensive 18 year old about to start university.   Perhaps I made it sound almost too easy but it did seem definitely manageable.   I knew from experience that, after the first session or so, only half the students would keep showing up for class.   Some would drop the course, some would decide that they could pass the course by reading the textbook or on-line lecture notes,  some would find the class conflicted with their work schedule--the job they need to pay their tuition and textbooks.

I added a further proviso:   Don't just show up physically; you have to be there mentally as well.  That meant not texting friends or playing games on your phone or surfing the net in class.

That was all.  You certainly didn't need to be wearing 'fancy feathers'.

The relief was plain on the student's face.  My suggestions must have sounded manageable.  I knew she would do more than just sit in class but as they say . . . baby steps.

She's graduating in a few months.   Maybe my advice helped a little.

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