Wednesday, April 9, 2014



From a Writers' Group Prompt:

I was a city child, used to city swimming pools with watchful lifeguards.   There was no running, no pushing and no jumping off the sides.   Disobedience could mean instant expulsion from the pool but as a rule abiding ten year old I never tested them.

Now here I was at  summer camp where the main feature attraction was the rope swing that extended from the side of the water's edge and the adjacent enormous oak tree to the centre of the enlarged bend in the river.   I was an observer of my braver campmates who joyfully careened down the slope, grasped the large knot in the rope in passing and swung out to the middle of the meandering river in a graceful arc, dropping into the river with a gleeful splash.

Oh, I'd tried it on one of the first days of camp but found that once my hands encircled the knot, they were reluctant to release it.   In shame and humiliation I had traced ever smaller swings, back and forth, until a cabin mate, with a look of disgust, grabbed the rope on what was probably my sixth pass and hissed, "You  have to let it go, you ninny!"

                                                                    * * *

I've shared my writings from prompts before.    At my Writing Group, the facilitator gives a prompt in the form of a phrase (such as 'LET IT GO'), a picture or photograph or an object.   We then write for about 10 minutes and then share . . . or not.  What is interesting is how many different aspects and angles one prompt can produce.

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