Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dystopia getting close to reality?


I was taken aback to hear a discussion on a radio program about government plans to place all identification related to government services on a single card.  For example, your medical card, your government vehicle insurance, your driver's license, your birth certificate, your social insurance card . . . I probably missed some as I was in the car at the time.

Callers to the program discussed the issues of privacy and security as the primary concerns.  What if someone  stole the card or if you carelessly lost or misplaced it.  Your personal information, your most intimate details, would be out there for anyone to read and exploit.   The main advantage would be convenience, which we are all very attached to.   Then I heard the guest speaker mention the possibility of  an implanted micro-chip.   WHAT??!!   Has the government been reading A New Premise?    If you've read my dystopic novel (or even read the blurb on-line)  you'll know that the plot involves terrorist attacks on the money supply leading most citizens to have a microchip implanted with their financial . . . and other . . . information encrypted. 

Oh, oh!  Maybe a tattooed barcode would work better.

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