Wednesday, March 26, 2014



From a Writing Group prompt:

She took some deep breaths and tried to push down the familiar feeling of panic--the fear of missing out.   It was almost time and Kira just knew she would miss out . . . again.   It wasn't for lack of desire but somehow she just knew that her old nemesis, distraction, would come between her and the prize.  She tried, oh she tried, to stay focussed; to attend to the small signals that would alert her that the time was at hand.   But somehow, all too often, events conspired to distract her to something that would, in the end, prove meaningless.

Today, she vowed, she would remain steadfast.   Today she would succeed.  But just then, the doorbell rang and Kira jumped up and ran downstairs to the front door.   She just had to give full voice to her consternation and excitement.  Only the paperboy!   And too late she heard the familiar refrain:   "Here's a biscuit for you, Blue.   I guess Kira doesn't want one."

Note:   FOMO is an recent acronym for Fear Of Missing Out

 Note 2:   No dog ever missed a biscuit in the telling of this tale!

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