Saturday, March 15, 2014

Does reading make us better people?


I'm of the opinion it does.   You don't need to be a prolific reader either.   It could be that one book a year that touches a chord in you or provides you with valuable information or a different perspective than that you previously held.   This doesn't just apply to novels either.   A single book can persuade someone to change their life, embark on a more simple, minimalistic lifestyle, embark on an adventure to a foreign country, get out of debt, start a new exercise program or overhaul their eating habits.


Less obvious can be the influence of fictional works.   The novel that touches you often has a protagonist you can identify with; one whose problems you can relate to, sometimes hitting amazingly close to home.  How he or she works through the slings and arrows or outrageous fortune can provide guidance and insight.

Some of the books I've enjoyed especially take place in another country.   I can immerse myself in another culture, another way of life.   I'm not only entertained, I'm informed and educated and, I hope, a little more empathetic.

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