Saturday, March 1, 2014

But they were such a deal!

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I'll bet you've done this, too:   Bought something because it was cheap.   It was a deal.   The price was way below what you thought it would be.   But . . . (you knew that was coming, didn't you!)  it wasn't really what you wanted.   It also wasn't really that great.  It was okay--especially considering the price--but you never would have bought it otherwise.   And now, there it sits, sneering at you, laughing at you . . . now I'm really personifying!  We've all been there.

So you wage an inner battle with yourself, after all, you paid good money for  it.   You punish yourself by counting up how many hours of work it took--net hours of work after all deductions and work related expenses.    You must get your money's worth . . . or else.

So you endure the shoes that pinch your feet, that are wildly uncomfortable for walking more than a few steps.   You berate yourself:   How many occasions did you think there were that involved sitting, ankles crossed, shoes at the forefront, looking pretty?   You start to bargain with yourself:   How many days do you have to wear them before you will be okay with getting rid of these shoes?

You think of alternatives.    What about donating them and then someone else would get not only their money's worth but your money's worth also.   You feel magnanimous enough for that.

Maybe you should keep them at the forefront of your decor.   Perpetually in your line of vision,  you will be reminded regularly of your folly with the goal of being much wiser next time.   Does that work?  If so, then maybe a photograph glued to your wallet so that any time you take it out of your purse your conscience is twigged.   

You make deals with yourself:   As soon as you use up the last ball of that hideous yarn you bought on sale, you are going to treat yourself and buy that delicious new offering in that luscious new shade.  Nothing until then!  A thought crosses your mind--if you spill hot chocolate on it does that count as 'using up'?   After all, it's unusable now.

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