Saturday, February 15, 2014

Outward Appearances

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Browsing around the internet is one of my hobbies.   It gives me ideas for books, for characters, for plots . . . okay, that's my excuse.   But it does sometimes gives me pause for thought, and those thoughts can lead to a blog post.   Here's what I read today (here's the link, because I like to give credit)

"I think it's good to dress "respectably" when going to see other professionals; it (unfairly) helps get the staff's attention."

So, we don't just dress for ourselves, or for men or for other women?   It's also for those 'professionals' who we need, or at least would prefer to be on good terms with.   Will they give better service, better care if our clothes are fashionable and expensive?   What about tidy and moderately stylish with comfortable shoes?  Is that sufficient?   Clean and not smelly?   Doesn't being a 'professional' mean that you are not influenced by external factors?

Maybe the professional part means not showing your opinion and feelings outwardly but I believe everyone makes judgments.     Nowadays there is a lot of latitude in fashion and only a few jobs and professions seem to require suits.   But  customers entering a bank or parents coming into a school for the first time still look for the person with the suit--or suit-like attire--as the likely person in charge.

Bank customers or parents coming to parent teacher interviews in pyjama bottoms make a statement or impression before they say a word.   Does it affect the outcome of the meeting?   Is is a matter of showing respect to those whose eyeballs make contact with the image you project?   What do you think?

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