Saturday, January 18, 2014



Living in a climate with four seasons I've often wondered what it would be like to enjoy the same climate all year round.   Not just any climate, mind you, but a pleasant, sunny, warm to hot, with a slight breeze all year round kind of climate.   Since the West Coast of Canada is currently green, I must sympathize with the many cities, states and provinces that are buried under centimetres, inches, feet and even meters of snow.    Those inhabitants are no doubt wondering the same and have better reason.

I've heard a few times that an endless summer becomes tedious in its own way.   I know, I know, many people would like to try tedious for a while and have serious doubts that they would grow weary of it.  Perhaps in another lifetime or two.   An article I read years ago . . . no, upon reflection I think it was a piece of research from  a University psychology department . . . came to the conclusion that the ideal climate to live in was one with four district seasons but with none of them too extreme.   Sufficient rain to allow gardens to flourish and keep mucous membranes moist.   All in all, a delightful variety and even unpredictability, the kind that makes the weather a daily topic of conversation.   There might be a definite decline in the pleasant and civil interactions that one has with the person in front of you in a queue or the restaurant hostess preparing to seat you or the neighbour on their front porch as you stroll by with your dogs if you can no longer comment on the weather.  

I suppose you could always say,  "Another day in paradise!"

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