Thursday, January 2, 2014

Banned List


I wonder if other people have a 'banned list'?   You probably know what I mean.   These are stores, businesses, or services that have offended you to a considerable extent.   I'm not talking about an off day or an indifferent clerk or a mediocre meal.   No, the store's behaviour/service has bordered  on the rude and offensive or, at the very least, indifferent in the extreme.   You've been treated like a nobody and worse, when you point this out, there is the deafening sound of  silence in response.  Nobody cares.

This may be a case of YMMV?  You know, your mileage may vary.   Another person might love the store or be very satisfied with the service.   But generally I find that if I had endured a sufficiently offensive service to march the business straight to my banned list, never to darken  my door again or even let the name cross my lips, well, what do you know, I haven't been the only one.

I won't mention the name, but I must confess to a small pleasure upon reading about the financial woes of  a certain department store.   I resist the urge to shout  'See, I warned you that death and destruction would be visited upon you'.   I'm joking!  (I think).  

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