Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

One of the things I like about the Christmas holidays is the feeling that we are all in this together.   Camaraderie.   There are still grumpy and unhappy people around regardless of the season but many others adopt a little of that Christmas sparkle in their attitude and demeanour.   I was recently in a long line waiting to pick up some packages.   When I say long, I mean forty-five minutes long.   You might think there would be some grumbling . . . or cursing, even.   We're all busy at this time of year with lots to accomplish.   But this queue was a joy to behold.   New arrivals, admittedly with crestfallen faces, took their appropriate places without demur.   Some pleasant conversations ensued.   A few people took out cell phones and started occupy themselves with Candy Crush or whatever games these devices now provide.  All in all, a small tribute to the human race and as I inched my way to the front I felt a small satisfaction about being a member of this group.   Or perhaps I was becoming lightheaded as the blood had by this time pooled in my feet!

I wish my readers Happy Holidays in whatever way they choose to celebrate or enjoy this time of year when everything seems to pause and be held in suspension for an oh so brief period of time.

I will be taking a blog hiatus until the New Year.

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