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If you are Location Independent you might also be a Digital Nomad.   Either one sounds exhilarating when you are sitting in rush hour traffic, going nowhere fast.  Unlike inhibited workers of the past, tied down to their croft or factory, a location independent worker can earn their income anywhere in the world.   You might be sitting in your living room in your pyjamas or you might be on a beach in Phuket, Thailand.  The term seems to apply mostly to those individuals who use a computer for all their activities.  

A relative recently resigned his employment in a downtown urban environment.   He was moving out to a suburb where he could get considerably more home for his money.  But,  at the same time, he did not want to join the ranks in one of the most congested cities in North America, listening to the daily traffic reports on the radio and trying to determine the most expeditious route.   There was also the issue that as the senior person in his department, he seemed to be spending a lot of time training and teaching more junior members and dealing with general office politics not to mention  the endless, sometimes pointless, meetings.  All of this ate into his time to complete projects but was somehow not really part of his job description.   He felt swamped at work.  A senior draftsman, using computer software as opposed to a pencil and slide rule of old, he advised his employer that he would be available to work on a contract basis from home.  

I must confess I was skeptical of his prospects.   Why wouldn't the employer hire someone more amenable to keeping things going as they were?  I've been surprised and pleased to have been proved wrong.   He's as busy as he wants to be but doing the drafting and design that he prefers to spend his time on.  I suspect he does excellent work and has proven his value.   Once he had bought the expensive software for his computer, he was able to produce and forward the work that before had seemed to require his attendance downtown.  The savings in gas in a year alone would cover the cost of the computer software.  

Writers can be location independent and I've written about this previously.   Plus if your book is set in your tropical/historic/stunning alpine location there are likely tax deductions available.   In the same way that the film industry can be mobile and set up in the most advantageous location, more and more people can consider the same.   Providing their family agrees!

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