Sunday, December 15, 2013



If you live long enough it is possible to become cynical about government policies.   Some behaviours and activities which are frowned on, criticized and possibly even illegal can, with the passage of time, become quite acceptable.   There can be downright encouragement to indulge from official quarters in the form of advertising, paid for with tax dollars, of course.

What has rendered this change?   Did the populace rise up in protest over the inhibition of their personal freedoms?    Did the local law enforcement find the prosecution of these crimes tedious?

Usually what occurred, in my analysis, is that governments, ever strapped for cash despite rising tax rates, decided that there was money to be made in people's pecadillos.   I imagine a group of politicians sitting around a conference table:  

 'Well, we haven't been able to stamp out . . . substitute drinking, drug use, prostitution, gambling, basement suites . . . so we might as well make some money off it.'

I find it amusing to watch and listen to government advertisements extolling the latest lottery scheme and encouraging us to get involved, join the fun, buy a ticket but 'use your game sense.'   The latter being the government's sop to responsible gambling, in this case.  In other words, buy lots of tickets but don't become so financial insolvent that it will cost us money to bail you out and require our support to your now destitute family.

I visualize the government, in the form of a porky child, reaching out to the cookie jar labelled 'Revenue from Marijuana Sales' and wonder how long they can hold out.    The transition from prosecuted offence to 'get with it and join the fun' seems only a matter of time.

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