Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It is probably a truism to say that institutions need to evolve and change as time goes by.   Things change.  People change.   Times change.   Budgets change.   The world changes.
Large institutions like hospitals, law courts, post-secondary institutions and large corporations  are slow to change.    This is why small upstart companies are able to challenge and sometimes replace older behemoths.   Then they become the inflexible and ponderous entity.


Government institutions often don’t have much competition.   That’s because, although we are playing for them indirectly through our taxes, we don’t have much choice as to how they operate.   They may be monopolies or they may be run or at least overseen by government officials and bureaucrats who don’t necessarily feel obliged to consult the public or even the users of the service.   It can take loud and prolonged complaining before any change happens.   We hope election time will make a difference.

This post seems to consign the present university education system to the scrap heap along with buggy whips and eight track cassettes.   They just didn't keep up with the times and refused to change.   The apparent difference in my two analogies would be that something else (cars and DVD's or digital media)  replaced the whips and cassettes.   What will replace the gatekeeper system that colleges and universities provide?  Or is that necessary any more?
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On another note you'll see I changed the listing of my books up above back to Shelfari.   I think I like it better but I wish I could fit the books on one shelf.   I'll challenge myself to fix it over the holidays.

By the way, if you are thinking of purchasing A New Premise, it will be on promotion the week of January 17th with Amazon and the e-book will be on sale there for $2.99.  Just when your after-Christmas bills are arriving!

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