Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Synonym or antonym or snip it out?



In this post on The Passive Voice, a blog aimed at writers and readers, the writer postulates that the flood of soft core or hardcore erotica or porn (the descriptor depending upon your point of view) has screeched to a halt.  I suspect that is an exaggeration.   There will always be a market, just the size will vary.

 Some writers like to write to the current trend, assuming large profits await and for others it is their preferred genre.    I usually feel like a bit of a voyeur if I happened across a graphic scene in a novel and tend to skim over it.   Especially if the scene goes for for pages, I can't help but wonder how it adds to the plot or character development.   It would/might be pertinent that the couple moved their relationship to a different level but the second by second description seems unnecessary.  

In accordance with my thesis that writers (at least this writer) tend to write what they like to read, be warned there is nothing graphic  in any of my books whatsoever, much as the characters are real people (again, at least to this writer) and hopefully also to my readers.

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