Friday, November 22, 2013

Simplify . . . but you go first.


We love our stuff.  It doesn't help that it is so easy to accumulate it; the shopping opportunities are everywhere.  Holidays are well established gift giving occasions.   We hope it shows our love.   And for some perverse reason, many things are slow to wear out.   Think about it:   When was the last time you actually wore something out besides socks, which seem prone to developing holes or disappearing in the dryer.  The other  exception would be that dryer and other large appliances which these days seem to have a lifespan of under five years. Socks and large appliances are not so much fun to buy though.

When we move house is usually when we especially notice how many possessions we are responsible for.   It is relatively easy to move the mattresses and sofas--assuming there are several people with sufficient muscles for the task.   But moving the contents of your junk drawer from the built in shelving unit, packing your clothes or worst of all, your kitchen dishes and utensils are onerous tasks.   

We curse, we complain, we blame whoever gave it to us ten Christmases ago.  Sometimes we think about the last time we used it . . . maybe never.   We agonize over whether to keep it or donate it.   We contemplate organizing a garage sale--now there's a task to make you cringe.   But no sooner do we downsize than the urge to upscale our lifestyle and acquire additional accoutrements looms large.  What's the solution?

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