Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm sorry, but . . .


I was listening recently to a movie critic review a recent release Twelve Years a Slave.   The virtues of this film was extolled and the words 'Oscar buzz' were suggested but what caught my attention amid the praise was the description of this film as being difficult to watch.  This from a film critic who has seen all manner of crime, horror and suspense films.   It reminded me of the description of a Mel Gibson Film, The Passion of Christ.   A critic ventured that the extreme violence obscured the message.   I heard someone describe it as watching someone be tortured for an hour.  

Sorry, not for me.   I'm not sure if I am meant to feel guilty for sparing myself this distressing experience.    It would be more suitable for perpetrators of such actions to be forced to watched these films, the theory being that they would be remorseful and amend their behaviours.  But since I never have or ever could treat another human being in that way I can't see that any benefit would accrue to me.   Can I go back and change what happened?   Should I abandon my present life and devote myself to eradicating injustice in the world?   Like many, I try to contribute small acts of kindness.

 I feel certain I would not be entertained by the film.  

I am aware that others, many others perhaps, find films like this meaningful, life altering even, and I don't intend to denigrate their point of view at all, only express my own.   I will venture to consider that, like books, there are movies for all kinds of tastes.

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