Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pushing Christmas


I saw the first Christmas decorations on display in a store on the past weekend.   I didn't like it.   There used to be an unwritten rule that Christmas decorations could not go up until after Halloween.   I've imagined scores of clerks drawing the short straw and spending Halloween evening switching out the displays.  It still seemed to be pushing things but since it was now November, I tried to accept it with good grace.

I used to first hide and then quickly  recycle or more likely throw out  (in the days before recycling) toy store flyers  that arrived before December.   A mother can only take so much pleading, nagging or whining and seven weeks was just too lengthy a period of time.   All that build up of longing and desire didn't seem healthy.

I try to see if from the retailers' point of view--after all, I want them to consider mine.   I've read articles and heard business analysts' statements that many (most) retail businesses only go into the black--start to make a profit--in the Christmas season.    There are enterprises that are basically in a holding pattern as far as sales are concerned and only gear up for the holidays.   This includes many independent craftspeople and artists.

I'm fortunate not to need anything any more but I enjoy the family get togethers and try not to over indulge in the food offerings.   If you have something to spare, consider remembering a charity you believe in.  Make it Christmas for someone else.

San Roque animal shelter, Panama City

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