Wednesday, October 23, 2013



Reading is important, maybe especially so for children and young people and not just because I write books.   I'm always pleased when someone noteworthy like Neil Gaiman has a similar point of view.   In this post he discusses how important it is to  teach children how to read and to enjoy reading which in turn helps then think new thoughts and think them more deeply.

Unless it is wildly inappropriate, let children choose what they want to read.   I remember reading Nancy Drew mystery books by the bushel as well as comic books.    What adults may think is trite and hackneyed may be new and exciting to some children.   And that's fine.

An important point that Neil Gaiman makes is how reading creates empathy.   Empathy is an important part of being a well-functioning human in a society of other humans.  The connection between illiteracy and prison that Gaiman makes is thought provoking.

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