Wednesday, October 16, 2013



Watching the news can be a lurching experience for the emotions.  Distressing, even graphic, information and pictures of conflict in a strife-ridden country on the other side of the globe is interspersed with  celebrity gossip and even cooking tips.  I suspect the show producers have goals of levelling out the offerings, offering something for everyone, and, above all, keeping viewers from changing the channel.  The latter would keep the advertisers content.


Somehow we've become accustomed to it.  There's  political scandal--a government official is ripping us off, bombs are going off  in one oil rich state or another, followed by an amusing vignette about a raccoon in someone's garbage can who ends up with an ice cream bucket on his head.   Then there's a brief segment about the red carpet gowns worn at the recent Toronto Film Festival before we're back to a distressing segment about homeless veterans.

Our emotions see-saw back and forth:   How can people be so cruel--oh, I love that dress . . . isn't she separated from him now--why doesn't the government do something . . .   It's exhausting and somehow seems trivialize the important stories.   But I didn't change the channel so the news program producers achieved their goal.   Too bad I couldn't fast forward through the commercials.

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