Wednesday, September 25, 2013

But someone else has to do the work . . .


I enjoyed this post by The Minimalists.    Our society values creativity and creative people have ideas -- lots of them.   There are so many possibilities if one doesn't think about what is required to put them into execution.   Those details, sometimes known as scut work, may often fall to other people who are tasked to make real the wonderful, exciting, maybe airy-fairy idea that someone wont to consider the 'big picture' came up with.   In their dreams, the end result is amazing, even world- changing,  if only those worker drones would stay on task.  Perhaps that's too harsh an interpretation.

If idea people become writers they can give full scope to their imagination and take sole responsibility not only for the idea but the full fleshed, carefully edited version.   Some authors hire people to do some of those more tedious tasks that are less than enthralling.

The post by The Minimalists, however, lauds the efforts of those who bring the idea to fruition and believe that is the more difficult task.   So the next time someone comes up with an idea at your corporate retreat that would require you to add the task of bringing it to reality to your workload, try the line:  That's a great idea but, you know, the action is more valuable than the idea. 

Of course, if it is your boss' idea, perhaps not.

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